What is Alpaca?

A complete retention ECRM/BI tool for keeping your users engaged with your platform. Backed with performance metrics from across your systems, Alpaca retains users in one simple application. Taking the pain out marketing, who to target, when to send and what content do they engage with. Alpacatakes the guessing our of what does your audience looks for. Simple intelligent system in one easy to use package, this is Alpaca.

Do I need to be technical to use it?

No, in fact it is the complete opposite. The system does everything for you, it measures users activity, plans their schedules and breaks down demographics automatically. All you need to do is feed the machine so it can feed your users.

Alpaca is fully automated?

Yes, pretty much a fully mechanised and AI driven system using multiple models to do the heavy lifitng. No need to think, take an insight and act on it. Simple as that.